An Introduction

What follows is a list of actions taken or proclamations made by the government of the United States of America and its states from the day before DT’s inauguration, as well as reactions to those actions and proclamations by the People of the United States of America and the world, as recorded by Suzan Eraslan. 

I went back as far as the day before the inauguration, January 19th, 2017, and posted a FB status through that day, January 24th. It was already disconcertingly long. People shared it. People copied and pasted it and it apparently made it to corners of the world not even directly affected by this administration. Someone asked for sources for the items on the list, and so I ported it into Google Docs to have enough room for all of those links. 

I managed to make it to April 2nd of 2017 before I just got entirely too depressed and overwhelmed to keep it up. Amy Siskind has continued to keep a list here, if you want to keep reading.