An Introduction

What follows is a list of actions taken or proclamations made by the government of the United States of America and its states from the day before DT’s inauguration, as well as reactions to those actions and proclamations by the People of the United States of America and the world, as recorded by Suzan Eraslan. 

The inspiration for this list came from an article by Sarah Kendzior at the Correspondent, where she suggested that before things became truly dark, to keep a list of who you are, what you will never do, and what you will never believe. She went on, on Twitter, to say to keep a list of how things change from day to day. At the time, I thought her suggestion was rather alarmist. 

A few days after the inauguration, I changed my mind. 

I went back as far as the day before, January 19th, 2017, and posted a FB status through that day, January 24th. It was already disconcertingly long. People shared it. People copied and pasted it and it apparently made it to corners of the world not even directly affected by this administration. Someone asked for sources for the items on the list, and so I ported it into Google Docs to have enough room for all of those links. 

I've been keeping it up ever since. 

I was a bit reticent, at least in a public sense, and I wasn't going to make this webpage at all, because while I allowed public access to the list, I still think of it as a private endeavor-- keeping track of every one of these actions and changes to normalcy and tradition means that a year from now or four years from now, I will have these memories even if the state erases evidence of them or denies them. I want for everyone to make their own list so that they, too, will have these memories. But after several requests, and the number of people who are constantly accessing the Google Doc, I had to admit that it is being used as a news resource for people who aren't yet ready to start their own. 

This list takes up a lot of my time, and a lot of my psychological and emotional energy, but it must be kept. However, I am a freelancer, so every moment that I spend on this is a moment that takes away from doing my paid job to feed myself. If you feel like pledging your ongoing support, please click here to be directed to my Patreon account or hit the button below for a one time donation.