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Two orders of business before I get to a (belated) Monday post: 

1. Reminder that I will be turning over all donations that I receive through Tuesday, February 28th, to Trans Lifeline. You can avoid a double processing fee being taken out by donating directly at

2. I've been reading No god but God: The Origins, Evolution, and Future of Islam by Reza Aslan because, despite being half Middle Eastern, I have not felt like I had a strong enough understanding of the differences in various branches of Islam in order to argue with people who believe (and promoted) things like "their beliefs are incompatible with our way of life" or "Muslims oppress [enter any vulnerable group of people we also oppress in the US]" as a matter of religious belief and not that certain countries have political rather than religious restrictions on freedoms by women and LGBT, for example. I cannot recommend this book highly enough, even though I'm just half way through it. You can get the audiobook on iBooks for less than anywhere else I checked, and it's been a great listen while I'm working. 

And now, the list: 

  • On February 27th, 2017, DT said "nobody knew that health care could be so complicated" while once again saying that the Affordable Care Act was a "failed disaster" and that his new plan will be "great" for "the patients, for the people and hopefully for the companies." Rolling back from his previous assertion that people are going to "love it," he now says, "I think people are gonna like it a lot."
  • On February 27th, 2017, Senator Bernie Sanders straight up cackled at the idea that "nobody knew that health care could be so complicated" on Anderson Cooper 360º.