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Some Housekeeping (and a request for feedback)

Hi everyone! 

So, we've been at this for more than 2 weeks... Can you believe that's all it has been? Before I start on today's list, I wanted to respond to some feedback I've gotten from you all and to solicit some of yours.

First, a lot of you have requested tags or some arrangement by topic. 

It's certainly overwhelming and with there being so much information to track every single day, I'm going to keep doing daily entries, but I want to ask you what you think is the best way to organize events and actions into sections so that you can see, for instance, all of the executive orders, everything to do with diplomacy (or lack thereof), all of the protests, or all of the hate crimes that have happened in one spot. 

Right now, I have two separate instincts for how to do this and both options have their drawbacks: 

1. Start using tags for each daily entry such as "executive order," "press secretary," "Muslim ban," etc. 


  • Relatively easy to implement 
  • Wouldn't take that long to get up and running


  • Will still require sifting through the numerous entries on each day to find what you're looking for 

2. Set up individual pages for each subject and update them as things happen. 


  • Will allow you to see everything related to a particular topic on one page 


  • Will take more time to set up initially as well as to keep updated
  • Will require visiting multiple pages for issues that matter to you 

In the spirit of representative democracy, and because both of them seem equally good/not good, I'm opening this up to a vote. Please choose which of the 2 options you would prefer, or feel free to choose "other" and write a suggestion in yourself. 

Radio *
How should I organize items so that they are easily searchable by type of action or statement?
If you chose other, please leave your suggestion here.
This is optional only if you want to leave your email address so I can contact you with any questions I have about an alternative suggestion.

Secondly, some of you have really kindly offered to donate but don't use credit cards. 

I'm looking into setting up PayPal for use without credit cards per your requests, but I'm hesitant to put my email address out into the world right now. For the moment, Squarespace doesn't allow me to accept donations using PayPal, only to sell products using it, and until I have something to sell you, please just use the information without feeling any onus to contribute. If things change, I will let you know. 

Thirdly, if you have already donated... 

I haven't forgotten or taken your donation for granted. I'm writing handwritten thank you cards to each of you, but the number of people who have felt like they should donate was higher than I expected it to be, so it will take me a little time. Thank you so much to everyone who has donated and everyone who will. Your generosity and the fact that you value this work is really inspiring and keeps me from descending into despair as I read and digest all the news every day. 

As always, stay strong and stay sane!