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I've been home sick most of the day so my commentary is a little more colorful than usual. I'm sure I'll be back in my very matter-of-fact mode tomorrow, but between rage over the Sessions confirmation and a stomach bug, I am feeling a bit punchy. 

Also-- starting tags for the entries on this one, since that was overwhelmingly the most popular option, and I will be going back and editing the previous entries to add tags at some point soon. 

  • On February 8th, 2017, Nordstrom stock jumped 4% after DT's tweets lambasting the department store for dropping his daughter Ivanka's clothing and accessories brand. 
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  • On February 8th, 2017, a leaked memo DT is expected to sign would allow companies to buy conflict minerals. The decision is likely the result of a meeting DT had with the CEO of Intel, who would be able to cut costs by no longer auditing their supply chain to ensure the company purchases no conflict sourced materials for use in their products. 
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  • On February 8th, 2017, USA Today reported that native born citizen Ibtihaj Muhammad (not an immigrant, not the child of refugees, but a born and bred New Jersey woman), who made history as the first Muslim woman to medal for the US in the Olympics just six months ago, was detained for 2 hours at US customs without explanation. 
  • On February 8th, 2017, ICE officials detained Guadalupe García de Rayos for deportation, sparking massive protests in Phoenix, Arizona, including demonstrators who surrounded the van in which she was held. Rayos has lived in the US since she was 14, and has a husband and three children. Mrs. Rayos has checked in every year for 8 years to immigration officials after being arrested using someone else's social security number to work. DT's recent immigration executive order expands the definition of crimes that allow for deportation, and ICE officials are acting accordingly. 

THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 9TH, 2017 (The Federal Government Flame War)