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SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 18TH - SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 19TH, 2017 (The Melbourne airport rally)

After looking over all my saved articles for the weekend, there's no smart way to do this as two separate days, and I think I might go ahead and do Saturdays and Sundays together, as they tend to be a little slower on news as long as DT is at the Confederate-I-Mean-Southern-White-House-I-Mean-His-Privately-Owned-Club. 

Also, I am going to try something new with this post and until such time as things get ugly (or I get a lot of spam, or I need to moderate so much I can't take time to write the list), comments are now on! Keep it civil, everyone. 

MONDAY, FEBRUARY 20TH, 2017 (Not My President's Day)

One Month In - Patterns Emerge, What Must Be Fought